Nirghonto 2017

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Come Autumn and the clear blue sky, the little clouds floating across it, the mild fragrance of Shiuli and the gentle breeze that blows from time to time has a special significance for the Bengalis. It brings to mind the thought of Durga Puja. The most important annual festival of Bengali Hindus, Durga Puja is believed to be the occassion that celebrates the homecoming of Goddess Durga with her children for a few days. The actual celebrations of the festival are held for four days that are set in accordance with the traditional Hindu Calendars and change every year. Here we bring to you the Durga Puja schedule for this year that includes the dates as well as the timings for all the four days of this year’s Puja festivities, in EST, GMT, and IST. So scroll down, have a look at the dates of the Puja Days for this year and check it out with your local timings. Shubho Sharodiya!



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