Puja Donation 2017

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Ref. no: 2017-18/DURGAPUJA/012                                                                                             Date: 25th June 2017

Greetings to all Aponalites!

Aponaloy Puja Committee invites you to become a sponsor for our Durga Puja 2017 on followings, if you are interested please contact Mr. Samar Sarkar / Mr. Arnab Singha.

ITEM TO SPONSOR Entry Type Amount (₹) STATUS
Durga Protima Single 40,001  BOOKED
Lakshmi Pratima Single 5,001
Kali Pratima Single 6,001  BOOKED
Sarswati Protima Single 3,001
Durga Mayer Ashtra Multiple 2,001
Kali Mayer Ashtra Multiple 1,501  
Durga Mayer Puja Bastra Multiple 5,001  
Kali Mayer Puja Bastra Multiple 3,001  
Kola Bou Bastra Multiple 1,501
Kali Puja Bhog Multiple 3,001
Sasthi Pujo Prasad Multiple 2,001
Sasthi Pujo Flower Multiple 2,001
Saptami-day Prasad Multiple 2,501
Saptami-day Bhog Multiple 2,501
Saptami-Evening Bhog Multiple 2,501
Saptami-Pujo Flower Multiple 2,001
Ashtami-day Prasad Multiple 2,501
Ashtami-day Bhog Multiple 3,001 BOOKED (1 nos) 
Ashtami-evening Bhog Multiple 2,501
Ashtami-Pujo Flower Multiple 2,501
Sandhi Puja – Bhog/Prasad Multiple 3,001 BOOKED (1 nos) 
Nabami-Day Prasad Multiple 2,001
Nabami-Day Bhog Multiple 3,001
Nabami-Evening Bhog Multiple 2,501
Nabami-Pujo Flower Multiple 2,501
Dashami-Bhog Multiple 2,501
Dashami – Flower Multiple 2,001
Pujari Dakshina Single 10,001
Thakur Masai Baran Bastra Multiple 3,001
Dhaki Dakshina Single 10,001
Dhaki Baran Bastra Multiple 3,001

In case, you have any suggestions, grievances or interest to participate in the upcoming Durga Puja, you can e-mail me directly pujacommittee.aponaloy@gmail.com


Samar Sarkar

Aponaloy Puja Committee Secretary


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