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Hello there,

Thank you for choosing to pay by Online Mode. Let me first take you through how to use this page.

Please read carefully

1. If you wish to pay the amount directly/or know the amount you need to pay, you can use the paypal (if foreign currency) or Pay with Instamojo.

2. If you would like to browse the options and rates of various online donations available, you can then visit the section below the pay u money button and then book your donation item. We will then contact you to get the amount collected or send you a link (depends upon the option you select there).

3. You can also make a PayTM payment, click on the PAYTM logo. (Paytm Karo!!)

I hope this was an easy and short help to continue. Happy Puja.


Paytm karo:

Pay with Instamojo (INR ₹ )

Fill the form below if you wish to be more specific and we will send you a personalized payment link within 24 hours.

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